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This portfolio showcases a selection of visually striking geometric art from an establised English artist who excels in creating geometric configurations, transforming polygon and curvilinear forms into stunning, contemporary hard-edged abstract art.

The nature of this high resolution art, at whatever size it's displayed, means it can be scaled infinitely without loss of quality. Whether it's a framed print or canvas, make any bare wall in your home or office innovative and unique by adding a modern, contemporary art piece to your space.

His art investigates geometry and colour combinations, often with deliberate spatial contradictions. There’s an emphasis on the simple structure of shapes and lines along with the fullness and flatness of colour and surface. The choice of colours is of importance, and much effort is dedicated to finding the perfect partnership for each work. These colour combinations are at times deliberately curious and unconventional, avoiding the obvious colour theory pairings. The art is partly experimental in its approach and is born out of imagination and music, which is also important to his work and is reflected by the titles which are inspired by the music and artists he listens to and enjoys.

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